dark figure fire red black original art

Dark Series

This series of 4 paintings explores the theme of the human transformation, of change.


 The fire energy makes one burn through self destructive behaviour patterns to crash and fall/sink, deep inside, where it is possible to shed some emotional burdens in order to come out lighter, to re-cover and re-new. Or not.


The paintings in this series together form a coherent whole depicting different stages of this intimate process. They can also stand on their own and be experienced as one at a time for each stage.


Here are paintings inspired by my trips to Dorset and Peak District.

Lucia Babjakova art, Shadow Striding, 30x30cm, acrylics on canvas
A Shaft
Big Trees Love Graveyards, acrylics on canvas, Lucia Babjakova art
Night Peaks

5 Primal Animals series (in progress)


The 5 Primal Animals series is originally inspired by the traditional

Chinese QiGong practice that is based on the characteristics, spirit and movement of 5 animals that are Crane, Tiger, Bear, Deer and Monkey. Each animal explores different qualities and our approach to life.

Brighton and around

Brighton Neighbour. A black cat on a white background next to a green plant. A painting by Lucia Babjakova, acrylics on canvas.
Diamonds. A view of the sea from the promenade standing by the railings. A painting by Lucia Babjakova, acrylics on canvas.
Two Flags. Two golf flags on Hove pitch and putt with beach huts and the sea in view. A painting by Lucia Babjakova, acrylics on canvas.
West. West pier in the storm. A painting by Lucia Babjakova, acrylics on canvas.
Truth or Dare. A night scene from Kemp town showing a bright lit shopwindow, traffic signs and a car.
Dark Room. An evening scene of a tree in front of a window lit red and green. A painting by Lucia Babjakova, acrylics on canvas.
First Home. A bus sign viewed from a window with a white wall and roses. A painting by Lucia Babjakova, acrylics on canvas.
Park Light. A lamp lighting up the trees in Vale Park in Portslade. A painting by Lucia Babjakova, acrylics on canvas.
Only. A ferris wheel that once was in Brighton. a
Night Watch. A swan with a signet on a pond at night under the full moon. A painting by Lucia Babjakova, acrylics on canvas.
East. A night view of Brighton pier.


Born in the former Czechoslovakia, I am now living and painting in Brighton. I studied Aesthetics at Masaryk University and gained my MA in 2010 with a thesis on Francis Bacon. I have exhibited around Europe including Prague, Florence, Barcelona and London.

I am a migrant from another place, born and raised under communism. Now I live and paint in Sussex and feel the freedoms that are everywhere - not just society but also in nature - the sea skies, the seascapes, the hard rock and soft rock, the uplands and downlands, crowded woodlands and empty marshes - it all speaks to me of a freedom to cleave to. 

It taught me how the gloom of oppression is absorbed and reflected in the world around us. And so is liberty to be found in out trees and water lands; we must cherish it so we don't lose it.

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It's intended to be an object of contemplation that has different aspects and nuances from different angles. It can represent the paths of travel across, or up and down, through a period of exploration. It is deliberately not fixed to the base so it can change positions and can be carried. Driftwood carving L7xH7x1.5cm (3x3x0.6'') on wooden base £50