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On My Terms

Is reflecting and challenging the notion in art where the viewer is assumed to be predominantly male in a position of power and the images, especially of naked female bodies, are depicted in a way to please the male spectator. The visual connection between the male watcher and female subject is historically one of interested voyeur and passive, or impassive, object–often becoming a formulaic optical relationship of unresisting obeisance to the uncaring watcher. 

A painting of an archetypal woman by Lucia Babjakova
Modern Ancient
acrylics on canvas

My aim was to depict people in female bodies as confident individuals that are not there to merely please men. They look back at the male spectator without requiring reaction rather than being resigned to being passively observed. Their nudity is not offered as a reward for the male gaze but a dispassionate statement of fact, strength and actuality. 

A stylised painting of a pregnant woman by Lucia Babjakova

The Female Gaze also has many manifestations representing power as nurturers, survivors, lovers and leaders. The Female Gaze is a reflection of the many roles women perform with gravitas and skill throughout their lives. It is an attempt to reconsider the power balance of the female nude in art and illustrate the many ways that a woman’s gaze falls upon the world. 

The Light Behind Her
40x80 cm
acrylics on canvas
A painting of a nude woman looking at the viewer by Lucia Babjakova
Wild at Heart

acrylics on canvas

This series then evolved further, building on the traditional depictions whilst exploring the subjects in their emotional complexities. 

40x50cm, acrylics on canvas


A painting of a nude woman smiling by Lucia Babjakova
Cape Town Moment
60x80 cm, acrylics on canvas
60x80 cm 
acrylics on canvas

Nakba Triptych 
(Nakba, Havoc, Hope)
50x90 cm 
acrylics on canvas
40x60 cm 
acrylics on canvas
90x50 cm 
acrylics on canvas
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