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Queer Art 

Love One Another

Love One Another is a diptych that tackles issues and specific instances of extreme violence against LGBTQ+ people, and particularly gay women. The broader issue of brutality against LGBTQ+ communities is seen through the lens of two examples of horrific violence against lesbians in Argentina and Brazil causing life changing injuries and death. The paintings envisage a hope that the hatred demonstrated by these acts can be most effectively changed, in the long term, by love in the certainty that hate causes more hate which in turn poisons the soul. In the end, all it takes for hatred to lose, is the acceptance that we are all different and all equal and that kindness conquers.

Love Never Fails

Love Never Fails
50x100cm, acrylics on canvas

Love Never Fails is the first work of a triptych entitled 'Love One Another'.


On 6th May in Buenos Aires three gay women were murdered in an arson attack on their room in a hostel. A fourth suffered 90% burns and is still in intensive care.

The suspect, a man who lived in the hostel, forced them back into the flames when they tried to escape.

Human rights organisations have accused Javier Milei's far-right government of promoting hatred and contributing to high levels of violence to LGBTQ+ communities.


61x92cm, acrylics on canvas

Tenderhearted is the second work of a triptych entitled 'Love One Another' about violence to gay women and LGBTQ+ people around the world. It is about the attack on Carol Campelo, a 21 yr old openly gay lesbian, murdered in Brazil on 10th December 2023. She was tortured and mutilated before her death. Brazil has the highest rate of recorded attacks on LGBTQ+ in the world. The painting questions the contradictions inherent in a Christian society and the disparity between the teachings of the bible and the brutal reality of being different. Carol was killed from hate but the painting suggests that more hate does not solve anything and that tenderhearted acceptance of all differences is the true antidote to irrational hatred. All Different, All Equal.

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